Surfer’s Paradise is one of Australia’s most beautiful places to go. It is home to a variety of man-made and natural attractions. Its location provides a great balance of things to witness and do. Always a choice destination for travelers and tourists alike, the “Sunny Coast” is a viable destination all year round.

If you're traveling to the Surfer’s Paradise for the very first time, have you ever wondered how should you be spending your time there? I’m sure you’ve don’t your research but maybe a bit more information about a number of Surfers Paradise Holiday Apartments might interest you.

To help you out on your way, here’s a short list of the best things to do near your Surfers Paradise Holiday Apartments.

Visiting these places will definitely ensure you get the most out of your trip to the Sunny coast.

Go Karting at the Big Kart Track

One of the easiest go-to recommendations for those traveling to the Surfers Paradise along with kids is the Surfers Paradise's Big Kart Track is the largest commercial track in the country and features 1.2km of the asphalt-laden surface on which will definitely put driving skills to the test. Capable of running up to 50 go-karts at the same time, the Big Kart Track can be found inland from the main coastal hubs of the Surfers Paradise.

Noosa Main Beach

Picture-perfect sands, crystal-clear water, waves that are ideal for swimming and surfing, easy access and very well-patrolled, the Noosa beach has everything you ever needed for a perfect beach getaway. Noosa Main beach is an ideal spot for water sports and Surfers Paradise Holiday Apartments that offer pure relaxation.

Australia Zoo

The Australia Zoo prides itself for having an incredibly diverse array of animals from all categories of the vast animal kingdom. All the typical Australian favorites like the kangaroos, koalas, wombats and, of course, crocodiles are here on full display. But it’s the likes of the massive and broad African exhibit that will completely make this feel like a world-class wildlife haven.

UnderWater World SEA LIFE Aquarium

Located in the suburb of Mooloolaba on the waterfront, the UnderWater World gives you the chance to witness numerous different faces of the underwater kingdom while also learning something in as you progress. There are plenty of facts and opportunities to learn some new knowledge dotted throughout, combined with a range of informative talks and demonstrations that you can interact with.

These are just some of the things you can do near your Surfers Paradise Holiday Apartments. I hope this list help you out in figuring where you want to go. For more information on the best Surfers Paradise Holiday Apartments, visit

Image Source : Big Kart Track