Viral is an edly new work by Shock Therapy Production, the same company that produced The Pillowman (2014 Independent Season) andThe Forwards (2015 Independent Season).

The Arts Centre Gold Coast in collaboration with Shock Therapy Productions presents Viral.

You are sitting on the bus on the way home from a hard days work, quietly minding your own business when an argument breaks out.  You overhear that the disagreement is racially motivated.  The argument heats up and the threat of violence increases.  A young girl takes out a mobile phone and starts to film the event.  What do you do?  Do you continue to sit quietly? Do you speak up and risk becoming the victim of a violent attack?  When you get home that evening you get online to realise the footage from the event has gone “Viral”.

Viral is a new work written and devised by Shock Therapy Productions and was developed through a series of community consultation workshops aimed at gathering true accounts of acts of discrimination. It explores the role of social media and technology and how it impacts the way we record, communicate and think about events of racism, abuse, violence and sexual assault  in the community.

Viral is a powerful, thought provoking, dynamic and entertaining piece that incorporates a range of performance styles and influences.

After the success of The Pillowman (2014 Independent Season) andThe Forwards (2015 Independent Season), Shock Therapy Productions returns to The Arts Centre Gold Coast to present another powerful, thought provoking story that is not to be missed.

Watch Viral from September 1 – 10 at The Space, The Arts Centre Gold Coast.

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