Up to some extreme haunted holiday escape with grown-up friends? Here’s the good news! Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant’s Sin and Tonic glam show is extended until July 4, 2014. Go, invite your best buddies, make your reservations and brace yourselves as you are to enter an odd and eerie world. Such Surfers Paradise Affordable Accommodation package is perked up with this Drax bandwagon and horror fad.

At Surf Regency Apartments, our friendly onsite management and staff highly recommend glam shows that present flashy, wild, kitsch and novelty horror and music festival. So if our guests wish to add thrills and twists in their holiday package, they shouldn’t miss Dracula’s gothic castle adventure. And for a more outrageously fun night out with your mature peeps, head over and be ready to scream at Dracula’s Cabaret.

Face your fears.

Overcoming phobias can be a challenging and difficult task. And at times, exposing yourself to circumstances where there are higher chances to encounter these fears really helps a lot in conquering such fear over some things like ghosts and other creepy creatures.

Your unusual, action-packed and much awaited Surfers Paradise Affordable Accommodation at Surf Regency will surely be a blast and a total bliss. With all the recreation, shopping, dining, and beach adventure options that await you and your fellow holiday makers, this deluxe yet budget-friendly holiday escape is about to be a perfect family getaway.

Holiday escapades need not be expensive when all you need is a reliable travel partner who could assure you with impeccable service and assistance that you exactly need. Try us and see how we could maximize your holiday budget – more fun, fewer expenses!

Visit our page http://surfregency.etourism.net.au/ and dare to overcome your fear of ghosts and eerie creatures. Dracula’s ‘Spanktacular’ adult dinner cabaret could really help you with that. Scream with delight!

Image Source : Dracula's Cabaret Restaurant Gold Coast