Have you ever wondered what it feels like to fly a plane?

Experience how it is to operate a Boeing 737 by riding on the Jet Flight Simulator!

Now in its fifth year in Brisbane, the Jet Flight Simulator is the only flight simulator that is privately owned and operated in Australia.

Learn not just to fly but also land a plane at any of the world’s more than 22,000 airports. Choose from any of your preferred time of day as well as weather conditions – be it sunny, rainy, stormy, snowy or filled with thunderstorms.

It’s the most exciting flight you’ll ever take – the best thing is that you’re on the pilot seat.

What should you expect?

Once you enter the Jet Flight Simulator, you will meet your First Officer. Jet Flight Simulator’s First Officer has completed the required and comprehensive instructor training and possesses years of professional experience in the aviation industry.  You will be guided throughout your flight experience.

After which, you will be taken to a meeting room for your pre-flight briefing. You will be shown relevant features and basic checks to allow you to take-off. Then, select the airport you want to take-off from and land as well as your preferred weather condition.

Prior to your take-off, you will be shown the controls, procedures and instruments. Once you receive permission from Air Traffic Control, you can take-off and accelerate the plane down the runway.

As a pilot, you will manage your airspeed and altitude while watching and monitoring any air traffic. You also need to complete aircraft checklists the way it is done in commercial Boeing flights.

Feel how it’s like to be on the pilot seat!

Then, maneuver the plane to position and complete a safe landing.

Voila! You now have bragging rights to friends and family that you have successfully flown and landed a Boeing 737.

Whether you are a novice 6-year-old or an experienced commercial pilot aiming to pass the Air Line Candidate Recruitment Assessment Check Flight, Jet Flight Simulator promises a positively unforgettable learning experience. Its chief pilot has successfully mentored more than 50 commercial pilots all of whom passed the aviation-required interview check flight at first attempt.

Choose from a 30-minute flight that costs $175 (which includes instructor briefing, 1 take-off landing and basic aircraft handling and navigation skills); a 60-minute flight that costs $275 (which includes an in-depth look at the aircraft, on-board systems, flight instrumentation, flight controls, an opportunity to select two different flight locations and  weather conditions as well as instrument approaches, engine failures); and a 90-minute flight that costs $450 – perfect for the “plane crazy” aviator (which includes a comprehensive coverage of flight systems, flight controls, navigation data, choice of airports and weather condition, time of day, auto-pilot systems).

All sessions can be suited to your needs and requirements.

Trip Advisor Senior Contributor “stewartsturges” used to be a commercial pilot and had a great time at Jet Flight Simulator.

“This is a great experience, but be aware, that this is a proper cockpit of a 737 and not a video game that you can throw all around the sun and there are no guns on it to shoot down aliens. I fly this simulator on a regular basis, I used to be a commercial helicopter pilot, and love it, the instructors are excellent and you have your choice of most airports in the world to vector in and out of plus choice of weather and such. For a person with aspirations of becoming a commercial pilot, this is a good introduction. Bring a jumper though, because the air con is turned way down to keep the computers cool!”

Trip Advisor Top Contributor “MaggieB75” recommends Jet Flight Simulator and finds it a good alternative to the beach.
“I bought one of these for my partner and one for our grandson aged 17 – they both loved the experience…The only disappointment was that we were led to believe that you can choose which airport you take off from. BUT, "the captain" had already chosen Coolangatta and was loathe to change…When you make the booking, ask them to confirm that you can CHOOSE your airport – and don't be afraid to do so when you front up for the experience.”

Trip Advisor Top Contributor “Bree_La_Marca” described Jet Flight Simulator as “the real thing.”
“What a fantastic experience for anyone who has any interest in aviation. It gives you a true appreciation for what commercial pilots are doing. It was a highlight of my last trip to Surfers. On the down side it is quite expensive but for me it was worth every cent.”

You don’t have to have flight experience to get on the Jet Flight Simulator. If you have been on it, do share your comments below.

Jet Flight Simulator is located at 2/3078 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise, Queensland 4217. It is a two-minute walk from our Surfers Paradise Affordable Accommodation.

For more information or to book your flight, call 1300 737 484 or go to http://www.jetflightsimulator.com.au.

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Image Source : Jet Flight Simulator