Discover the breathtaking wonders that the Gold Coast has to offer. As one of the most favourite holiday destinations in the country, the Coast with the Most provides you with world class tourists sites that will definitely keep you in awe. From the fabulous shops and restaurants to the magnificent beaches and world famous theme parks, Gold Coast offers exciting and fulfilling holiday that everyone can enjoy.

The Gold Coast is a great location for diving and provides many magnificent dive sites – get ready to be astounded as you dive into the blue ocean and experience underwater adventures at the Gold Coast.

Nine Mile Reef

Very ideal for intermediate divers, this awesome yet challenging dive site is home to a number of amazing yet dangerous variety of sharks such as the grey nurse sharks, hammerhead sharks, blind sharks, bronze whaler and leopard sharks. You can also spot a number of turtles, manta rays and sting rays. Nine Mile Reef has a depth of 10-30 metres and has a rocky reef terrain.

Kirra Reef

Divers from our Gold Coast holiday apartments won’t often find large fishes swimming in the area, however, Porcupine fishes, wobbys and small reef fishes are a common sight. Kirra Reef only has an maximum depth of 8 metres with an average visibility of 10 metres. The reef has scattered rock outcrops with patches of sands in between where you’ll see a number of stingrays and moray eels.

Palm Beach Reef

Easily accessible by boat, the Palm Beach Reef is approximately 800 to 1000 metres from the shore and has a maximum depth of 22 metres. The reef has areas with rocky terrain and several large bommies where you’ll find an array of sponges and soft corals. Sting rays, odd bronze whaler, hammerhead, blue wrasse, parrotfish, painted wrasse and a variety of reef fish are commonly seen in the Palm Beach Reef.

Cook Island

Cook Island is one of the most recommended diving area for both novice and advanced divers. Explore the unspoilt marine reserve with just a short boat ride from our Surfers Paradise family accommodation. With a rocky terrain covered in hard and soft corals. Cook Island has rocky terrain covered in hard and soft corals. Divers will find several fascinating aquatic creatures that inhabit the area such as turtles, groupers, puffer fishes, blind sharks, nurse sharks, wobbegong sharks and leopard sharks.

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