The Gold Coast Airport Marathon attracts a lot of different athletes both professional and social runners. Moreover, the Marathon is also filled with first time runners who are willing to take on the physical and mental challenges that comes along with this particular endurance sports.

To help out newbie runners, our staff at Surf Regency have provided a number of useful marathon tips for them to ponder upon before they begin the race:

  • As the race draws near, avoid drastic changes on your diet, routine and running shoes.
  • Try to prepare everything that you need to wear at the marathon such as your shoes, socks and running shirt.
  • Get a good night’s sleep at least two days before the race so you can conserve your energy.
  • Avoid training a day before the race so you can rest your feet and legs as well as to avoid getting injuries before the marathon.
  • Load up on carbs be eating starchy foods two days before the race.  
  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. However, do not overdrink.
  • Use anti-chafe/ anti-friction balms to protect your skin.
  • Check the weather forecast. If it going to be rainy or cold, wear outer layers to keep warm and dry.
  • Adjust to weather conditions. If the weather is hot near our Surfers Paradise affordable accommodation, slow down a bit and drink more water. If it’s rainy, watch out for slippery areas. If it’s windy, avoid meeting head wind.  
  • Pace yourself correctly. Don’t go too fast during the early stages of the race because you might get easily get cramps or lose steam after the halfway point.
  • Create a time goal for each of the first few miles and stick to it. As a newbie runner, your primary goal is to finish the race.
  • Focus your thoughts on running a safe and smart race instead of focusing on your finishing time goal.
  • When cramps and fatigue are slowly setting in, you can slow down a bit or stop briefly and do a little bit of stretching and walking.
  • Run and have fun. Remember to enjoy the whole experience and celebrate your marathon achievements.

The friendly and fun-loving staff of our Gold Coast holiday apartments bid you good luck!

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