Holidays are the best time to bond with the family. Holidays require good planning and budgeting since vacations are usually considered as a luxury especially for an average family. Here at Surf Regency Holiday Apartments, we know understand that families value time and money when taking a holiday, so we have prepared a few good tips on how to save up and spend your holiday funds wisely.

Holiday Savings Account
It is always important to create a separate account for your holiday. You should begin saving before you even start planning for your holiday. This will allow you to save the money you need before booking and will spare your from spending your regular savings.

Keep A Budget
We advise visitors at our Surfers Paradise family accommodation to write down a detailed budget for your vacation and try not to overspend. Your budget should include food, accommodation, entertainment and activities. For buying souvenirs, you can opt to buy local inexpensive items like post cards, magnets, etc.

Use Discounts
Whether your a senior citizen, student or if you have a discount concession card, do not hesitate to ask for a discounts. You might even get at least 10% off on your airfare, movie tickets, shopping and dining.

Create Lists
It is very helpful for holiday makers to create a number of lists such as tour lists and packing list. Not only does it save you time but also ensures that you won’t have to forget necessary items or activities that you need to do on your holiday.

Visit Local Tourism Departments
Stop by the local tourist departments and look for any information packs that might include valuable coupons and tips on where to visit. You can ask for free brochures, maps, and discounts.

Internet Research
The Internet offers plenty of holiday packages and options that will truly suit everyone’s taste and means. Try to look for discount prices on everything from airfare, car rentals and entertainment.

Take A Flexible Holiday
It would save you lots of money if you opt to go for an off-peak holiday. The Gold Coast provides the perfect beach holiday destination since it has mostly bright and sunny weather regardless of the season.

Always Be Prepared
It is best to pack in needed medications, carry a copy of your insurance cards, list of illnesses, prescription drug and food allergies of which any family member suffers. In case of medical emergencies you can make use of your credit card for safety and convenience.

Plan Your Activities
Discuss with the family where you want to go and what activities you want to do. Make sure everyone gets at least some of their picks on the itinerary. You may also choose to do several free activities like hiking and sight seeing.

Take A Leisure Break
You don’t need to spend too much on holiday activities while on vacation. Guests visiting our Surfers Paradise affordable accommodation can simply hang out at the entertainment area or can take a delightful dip at the heated swimming pool. You can enjoy bonding with the family by having a relaxing down time while vacationing at Surf Regency Holiday Apartments.

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